Terms and Conditions

Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

1.1 All reservations adhere to our standard terms & conditions.

1.2 Any visitors who are suffering Covid-19 symptoms are not to visit the premises. Any visitors who are visibly ill may be asked to check their temperature, if this is above 37.8C after two recordings, we may ask you to leave the premises. RLB360 also reserves the right to ask visitors to leave who refuse a check.

1.3 Please adhere to all instructions ensuring compliance to Social Distancing measures. Any visitor not adhering to this may be asked to leave

1.4 Please do not bring large bags with you as these are not permitted on the tour and while there are small lockers for personal belongings, any bags unable to fit will not be stored by staff behind reception.

1.5 Inline with Government advice it will be mandatory to wear a face covering in all internal parts of the attraction unless you are exempt under the guidance set out by the Government, for more advice on this please visit gov.uk prior to your visit.

Anyone who is not exempt and refuses to wear a face covering will not be permitted on the Tours and subject to COVID Terms & Conditions point 1.7.

If you do not have a face covering disposable masks will be available to purchase for a small charge.

1.6 RLB360 will not be accepting cash payments where necessary. Where possible to minimise contact all purchases should be made using Debit/Credit cards and contactless technology.

1.7 If a visitor is asked to leave for any of the above reasons, no refund or exchange will be offered on tickets.


Standard Terms & Conditions

1.0 Terminology

1.1 In these terms and conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings:

“The Tour” means Royal Liver Building 360.

“Company” means Heritage Attractions Ltd.

“Contract” means these terms and conditions.

“Management” means the Management of Royal Liver Building 360.

“Tour Staff” means the staff, employees and representatives of Royal Liver Building 360.

“Guests” means the company, firm or individuals present within the tour.

“Ticket” means the entry ticket/wristband and respective cost of that ticket into the tour.

2.0 Health, Safety and Access

2.1 There is CCTV in operation throughout The Tour for your safety.

2.2 The Tour traverses a working office building, so guests will be required to stay with their guided tour group at all times.

2.3 The Tour does have a level of physical exertion as above the 10th floor there are no lifts and you will have to negotiate 135 stairs up & back down. The stairs are narrow and winding so if you have any issues with claustrophobia, vertigo, heights or even just feel you will physically struggle we strongly advise that you don’t proceed with booking tickets.

2.4 The Tour lasts 70 minutes and there are no toilets available after departing the lower ground floor visitor centre.

2.5 The Tour goes out on balconies at height and we have strict safety guidelines that have to be followed. Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave the tour. It is therefore the responsibility of all guests to follow all outlined safety rules and procedures at all times.

2.6 Every 15 minutes the bells ring from the tower. Although this is a one off sound you may hear the bells chime during The Tour and for this reason we recommend that to protect your hearing you collect a pair of ear plugs from The Tour entrance and use them when instructed by your guide.

2.7 All large bags are to be stored in lockers; no bags apart from handbags are authorised to be on The Tour for safety reasons. All items, belongings and other property brought into The Tour by guests shall be at such guests’ own risk and The Tour and The Company accepts no liability for the loss or damage to such property.

2.8 There is to be no food/drink, alcohol or smoking (including E-Cigs) permitted on The Tour at any point.

2.9 There may be the need in extreme weather conditions to stop access to the highest levels of The Tour for safety reasons.

2.10 If there are strong winds during The Tour, items of loose clothing such as hats or scarfs, should be removed to prevent them from falling from the building. For this reason, umbrellas or “Selfie Sticks” are not permitted for use on the balconies in any weather.

2.11 The Company reserves the right to evacuate The Tour in the event of a fire alarm, or other emergency irrespective of whether it is a genuine emergency or not, in order to protect all guests, Management and tour staff and in this event, does not accept liability for any delay and is not liable to refund part or all of the ticket.

2.12 Staff trained in First Aid will be on duty and able to assist at all times.

3.0 Tickets

3.1 All persons visiting The Tour are admitted subject and agreeing to this Contract when purchasing admission tickets online.

3.2 All guests entering The Tour areas must have a valid admission ticket/wristband that must be retained throughout their visit.

3.3 Tickets are not transferable and accordingly may not be sold or passed on to any third party.

3.4 Tickets are sold on the understanding that no money in respect of unused tickets will be reimbursed.

3.5 Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.

3.6 Tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable.

3.7 The Management are not obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.

3.8 Individual elements of The Tour may be unavailable at any time for technical or operational reasons. The Management will attempt to ensure that as many elements of The Tour as possible are open for use by guests, however The Management also reserves the right to alter or change The Tour programme if at any time it is deemed necessary to do so.

3.8a The company is not liable for any losses incurred for either travel or accommodation due to booking cancellations, restrictions imposed on opening or issues arising force majeure.

3.9 Tickets purchased online entitle the purchaser to the same rights as pay-on-the-day tickets.

3.10 Timed tours are in operation and must be adhered to at all times.

3.11 Guests missing their booked tour slot will not be entitled to a refund and will not be entitled to the offer of an alternative tour.

3.12 Our Social Bubble tickets require that the party contains the specified mix of Adults & Children. If on arrival to the attraction the group doesn’t contain this then you may be liable to pay the difference to the full admittance price.

4.0 Photography

4.1 From time to time Royal Liver Building 360 or other authorised parties carry out photography and/or video recording within the attraction, which may feature visitors. This is used for promotional purposes only. Please advise a member of management or staff if you do not wish to be featured in such publicity materials.

4.2 Guests are permitted to take photographs and recordings within certain areas of The Tour, provided that these are solely for private use and are not sold or used for any commercial or public purpose. However, we would ask that when taking photographs or making recordings you are sensitive to other guests who may not wish to be photographed or recorded. Photos or Video is not permitted to be taken in the clock tower during the digital show and any footage uploaded to the internet will be removed in accordance with copyright laws.